Storage boxes: TRESTON

Shelf and stacking bins made by a Finnish manufacturer are crafted from durable polystyrene.

In an effort to reduce waste and explore alternative solutions to fossil fuel-based products, we have also introduced alternative storage boxes made from bioplastic to the market.

Bins with the same width can be stacked on top of each other, and their corrugated bottoms prevent small items from moving freely inside. The various dimensions of these boxes allow for efficient stacking on shelves or stands, optimizing space utilization and helping businesses manage their warehouse processes more effectively. They contribute to maintaining warehouse organization and facilitate access to goods. Dividers can be used to separate contents as needed, and product names or codes written on labels make it easier to locate them.

For space-saving and convenient storage of accessories, these bins can be placed on revolving bases or perforated walls.

Drawer cabinets are a compact solution for storing small parts in one place, and cabinets with different drawers can also be placed on a revolving base to save valuable warehouse space.