Compartment lockers offer versatile solutions designed to ensure safe and orderly storage for personal items, tools and instruments. They are well-suited for various facilities, ranging from schools and offices to sports halls and public spaces, helping optimize space and maintain order.

A rust-resistant storage cabinet is space-saving in its functionality due to its multiple lockable compartments. Various types of locks (cylinder, padlock, coin, code, or RFID lock) ensure security and user-friendliness tailored to the environment. Cabinets of varying compartment sizes allow customization according to needs, while different door types, 16 standard colors, and UV printing offer the possibility to create a personalized appearance for the space.

In contrast to self-assembled lockers, welded constructions are strong and stout. Screw attachment points give mobility to the cabinet body, making it weaker and more susceptible to rust. Welded body, however, is rigid, ensuring longer durability in any environment.

Today, it’s crucial that charging facilities are available everywhere. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, power tool, or any other device, cabinets with electrical connections are specially designed to ensure safe charging without the need for human presence. Under the slanted roof of the cabinets with electrical connections, there is a hidden connection module with a 230V socket for the sequential connection of cabinets, switchable fuse protection, and an LED indicator showing that the device is functioning properly. Grounding wires and connection to the lightning protection system ensure the safe use of the cabinet, while perforations on the doors provide air circulation inside.

To make space utilization even more efficient and convenient, various accessories can be used. Cabinets can be equipped with legs and benches, to which a shoe rack or even a lockable cabinet can be attached. The sloping roof reduces dust accumulation and prevents items from being placed there and forgotten.

Storage cabinets help maintain a tidy environment, ensuring convenient placement and easy access to items. Their versatility and security make them an ideal solution for today’s fast-paced and demanding conditions.