Terms and Conditions for online store

1. The extent and validity of the terms

1.1 The owner of the webshop is Laomaailm AS  (registration code 10077541), location Linamäe 2, Tänassilma küla, 76406, Saku vald, Harjumaa).
The Sales conditions apply when purchasing either from webshop or sales office that belongs to Laomaailm.

1.2 The delivery fee for each order is dependent on the shipping address and method of the delivery. The delivery fee will be visible for the buyer on the order form.

1.3 In addition to these terms and conditions, the legal relations arising from the purchase of Laomaailm products are regulated by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

1.4 Laomaailm AS is entitled to change and supplement these conditions and price list due to the development of the Storit webshop and in the interests of better and safer use of the webshop. Changes and additions to the conditions and the price list will be announced via the website www.storit.ee. Changes and additions to the terms and conditions and the price list take effect from the publication of the corresponding change or addition on the website www.storit.ee. If you submitted your order before the changes to the conditions entered into force, the legal relationship between you and Laomaailm AS will be subject to the conditions in force at the time you submitted the order, unless otherwise provided by law or these conditions.

2. Prices

2.1 The prices of the products sold in the online store are indicated next to the products. VAT and delivery fee are added to the price. All prices of goods sold in the webshop are in euros.

2.2. If the buyer has requested the delivery of the goods, a delivery fee of 15% of the price of the ordered products will be added to the order. Applies to transport across Estonia. The delivery fee will be added to your order and it will be sent to the e-mail address you provided when placing the order together with the content of the order.
Free shipping applies across Estonia for orders over €1000 (+km) made from the webshop. Free transport is valid only when buying from the webshop at the standard prices valid and visible there.

2.3. If installation is requested, an installation quote will be made according to what is included in the specific order.

2.4 Pricing errors and human error

If there is a price error in the webshop due to human error or technical failure, Laomaailm has the right to correct the error. If the transaction is based on incorrect data, both the buyer and Laomaailm have the right to withdraw the transaction without any incurring costs.

Obvious pricing errors may include, but are not limited to, the following list:

a) the price of the product is €0.00
b) no price is indicated at all
c) the normal or fair market price of the product is several or more times higher than the price shown in the webshop

3. Payment for products

3.1. The contract for the sale of products is deemed to have been concluded (the entry into force of the Contract) from the receipt of the amount to be paid according to the order confirmation to the current account of Laomaailm AS.

3.2. You can pay for the products by bank transfer (Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop Pank, Pocopay bank link) or by credit card. Bank links are provided by Maksekeskus AS.

NB! When paying with a bank link, be sure to press the “Back to the merchant” button on the bank’s page.
Payments are mediated by Maksekeskus AS. Payment is made outside the webshop in a secure environment – when paying with a bank link, in the secure environment of the respective bank, and in the secure environment of Maksekeskus AS when paying with a credit card. The seller does not have access to the customer’s bank and credit card data. The contract enters into force from the receipt of the amount to be paid to the account of Laomaailm.
The owner of the webshop is the responsible processor of personal data and forwards the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.
If the ordered goods cannot be delivered due to the reason that the goods are out of stock or for any other reason, the buyer will be informed of this as soon as possible and the money paid (including the delivery fee of the goods) will be returned without delay, but no later than within 14 days of sending the notice.

3.3. For companies that are already customers of Laomaailm AS and have no payment delays, we will issue an invoice with a payment due date of 7 days after picking up/shipping the goods or according to the agreement. When business customers and private individuals are making an order from Laomaailm AS for the first time, we issue an prepayment invoice.
The order and prepayment invoice will be canceled if the payment has not been received within 3 working days!

3.4. In case of price fluctuations occur due to manufacturer, Laomaailm AS reserves the right to adjust prices if necessary. In addition, we reserve the right to typographical errors and to make changes and corrections in product data and terms of sale without prior notice.

3.5 In case the invoice fails to be payed by the due date, the Customer shall pay the interest of 0.5% from the unpaid amount for each calendar day of delay.

3.6 Pursuant to VõS § 88, subsections 8, 9, the performance is carried out first to cover expenses, then interest, arrears, fines that have already become recoverable, and finally the main obligation.

3.7 In the case of complete failure to carry out the obligations, the Creditor has the right to notify third parties of the debts, including through the payment default register, without separate notice. It may also involve the collection of the entire debt through a third party, including a debt collection company and/or the court.

3.8 In case of the debt payment delay, the claim together with ancillary claims is transferred to the debt collection company for collection.

3.9 The ownership of the goods is transferred to the Customer after payment for the goods, and Laomaailm has the right to reclaim all the goods ordered from the Customer until the full price of the goods has been paid.

3.9A The deadline for submitting a complaint is 7 days after the delivery of the goods to the Customer.

4. Delivery of products

4.1. After the Agreement enters into force in accordance with Clause 3.1 of the Terms and Conditions, the products will be issued from Laomaailm AS warehouse (Linamäe 2) or delivered to the buyer at the previously agreed time via the contact phone number or e-mail the buyer indicated when placing the order. We deliver products within the Republic of Estonia and the carrier is DSV.

4.2. A large part of the product range in webshop is available in our warehouse and will be delivered within 2-5 working days. The deadline is calculated from the receipt of the invoice payment.

4.3. If the goods are not in stock, after placing the order, we will inform you of the estimated delivery time (delivery of goods for a special order may take 1-2 months). If delivery of goods on time is not possible due to circumstances for which Laomaailm AS is not responsible, we will inform you via contact phone number or e-mail address that you provided when placing the order. Within 2 working days from the date of entry into force of the Agreement in accordance with clause 3.1 of the terms and conditions, as well as inform you of the delivery time for the goods you ordered. If, due to the longer delivery time of the goods, you lose interest in buying such goods, you have the right to cancel your order and you will be refunded the amount you paid (including shipping costs).

4.4. When placing orders, please make sure that you have provided the correct contact information in the order to avoid delays and misunderstandings with the delivery. Laomaailm AS is not responsible for delays in the delivery of goods and misunderstandings in the event that a delay or misunderstanding arises as a result of inaccuracy or inaccurate indication of your data when placing an order.

4.5. When accepting goods, we recommend that you immediately double-check the packaging and quantity of goods. In case of claims, make a corresponding note on the invoice. We ask you to report goods with damaged packaging or damaged goods as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days by email info@storit.ee or +372 659 3030.

4.6. Laomaailm AS has the right to cancel an order if the goods are out of stock, or if the goods are removed from the assortment or due to a technical error of the webshop. Laomaailm AS reserves the right to withdraw from the sale transaction if there is an obvious technical or human error, as a result of which the parties cannot reasonably assume the execution of the transaction or where the execution of which is impossible for Laomaailm AS. If the order is cancelled, Laomaailm AS will return the prepayment no later than within 14 days.

4.7. The buyer has the right to cancel order after payment but before delivery, by sending a corresponding message with the order number to the webshop email address: info@storit.ee.

5. Warranty

All products sold by AS Laomaailm are subject to a manufacturer’s warranty. This is usually 12 months from the date of purchase of the product, except unless otherwise stated on the invoice.

AS Laomaailm performs warranty repairs on all equipment sold (hereinafter, Equipment).

5.1. Liability and warranty

The warranty includes repairs and replacement of defective parts. The warranty is valid if the Equipment is regularly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The recommended maintenance frequency of the Equipment is 1-2 times a year, depending on the frequency of its use and the environmental conditions. The warranty is valid if the serial numbers on the Equipment have not been changed and the Equipment has not been disassembled (seals are intact). The warranty includes a travel fee if the Equipment is installed or approved on site.

5.2. The warranty does not cover faults caused by

Relocation of the Equipment and other accidental damage; Careless or improper storage and use of the Equipment and overloading; Non-compliance with the installation and operating instructions of the Equipment and with safety requirements.

5.3. The warranty does not apply for

If the Equipment has been repaired by an unauthorized person or service company; for reasons independent of AS Laomaailm (vandalism, thunder, water, fire, voltage changes in the mains, electrostatics, short circuits, etc.); if the Equipment uses consumables not approved by the manufacturer (oils, greases).

5.4. The warranty does not apply for

Repair of defects (scratches, etc.) insignificant to the operation of the Equipment or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear; Equipment cleaning, maintenance, or instruction in the use thereof; troubleshooting errors caused by Equipment software errors; the cost of lamps and bulbs.

5.5. Measures in case of failure

If a malfunction occurs during the warranty period, the Customer must immediately notify AS Laomaailm of the malfunction. It is necessary to inform which product it is (product model, serial number), the date of purchase (invoice number), the nature of the failure as precisely as possible, and the situation in which the failure occurred. After the warranty period has expired, a defect reported during the warranty period cannot be referred to, unless it has been fixed in writing. In unclear situations, the customer must always consult firstly with AS Laomaailm regarding the scope of the warranty, the possible repair obligation and whether the device can be repaired at the location of the use or in a maintenance workshop.

6. Right of withdrawal

According to EU Consumer Rights Directive, all private persons have the right to withdraw from order made in the webshop within 14 days starting from the day you receive the goods. We will refund the payment for the canceled order (within 14 days at the latest, and the return also includes the original delivery fee). The right of withdrawal applies to standard products. Custom-made products, project sales orders and orders for large quantities cannot be returned at the customer’s request (we recommend using the “Ask for a quote” option in this case).

The product to be returned must be unused, in the original packaging and complete. Before returning, please contact our customer service to agree on the details of the return. The return costs are paid by the buyer, unless the reason for the return is that the item to be returned does not correspond to the order (e.g. a wrong or defective product).

Even though the law does not apply to the right of withdrawal if the buyer is a legal entity, Laomaailm takes responsibility also in the case of a legal entity. If the ordered product does not correspond to the expectations for any reason, please contact us and we will always try to find a suitable solution.

In order to return the goods, you must submit a simple letter of withdrawal from the purchase of the goods, and send it to the e-mail address info@laomaailm.ee within 14 days of receiving the goods at the latest.

7. The right to file a claim

The time for filing claims is 24 months from the delivery of the product to a private person Customer. In the case of legal entities, the manufacturer’s warranty period is used. During the first six months of the period with the possibility of submitting claims, it is assumed that the defect was already present at the time of handing over the goods to the buyer. It is the webshop’s responsibility to refute the corresponding assumption.

In the event of a defect, the buyer has the right to contact the online store within two months at the latest by sending an e-mail to info@storit.ee or by calling 659 3030.

The webshop is not responsible for defects that have occurred after the goods have been handed over to the buyer.

If the goods purchased from the webshop have defects for which the webshop is responsible, the webshop will repair or replace the defective goods. If it is not possible to repair or replace the goods, the webshop will return all fees associated with the sales contract to the buyer.

The online store responds to the consumer’s complaint in writing or in a form that enables written reproduction within 15 days.

8. Direct marketing and personal data processing

The webshop uses the personal data entered by the buyer only to process the order and send the goods to the buyer. The webshop transmits personal data to companies providing transport services in order to deliver goods.

The webshop sends the buyer newsletters and offers to the buyer’s e-mail address only if the buyer has expressed a wish to do so by entering an e-mail address on the website and has indicated the wish to receive direct mail notifications.

The buyer can opt out of offers and newsletters sent to e-mail at any time by notifying us by e-mail or by following the instructions in the e-mail containing the offers

9. Installation terms

If you also take the installation service through us, the following conditions apply:

9.1. The agreed installation area must be clear by the time the goods’ arrive and the area must also allow the storage of the goods. It is not the responsibility of the installers to clear the area of the customer’s goods / rubbish. By preventing the start of work, the installer has the right to charge a separate fee for the waiting hours.

9.2. If it is not possible to start the ordered assembly work at the agreed time, this must be notified in advance on the previous working day. Unannounced empty delivery is charged according to the price list*.

9.3. The customer shall provide all necessary drawings of the installation. In the absence of drawings or information required for installation, the customer has the right to interrupt the installation immediately, in order to avoid future misunderstandings. If the information on the drawings was incomplete, the installers have no obligation to redo the work already done.

9.4. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure lighting and electricity in the premises for 220V, in the case of installation of lifts for 3 x 220/380V. If the work is performed outdoors or the premises have a special temperature (-1 or colder), the contractor must be notified in advance.

9.5. The customer is obliged to inform the installers about pipes or cables inside the wall and floor, which are at risk of being damaged during drilling. Also non-standard slopes of the floor or walls, which lead to additional time spent during the work.

* Price list:

  • waiting hour: €30 + VAT
  • additional work as per the customer’s request €30 + km/h
  • empty trip 35 €+ km (outside Tallinn, a mileage fee of 1 eur/km/one direction is added)

How to purchase from the webshop:

  • Choose a suitable product.
  • If you are convinced that the product meets your expectations, add it to the shopping cart – the “Add to cart” button. Later, you can change/cancel your selections by pressing the “Shopping cart” button. You can always see your shopping cart in the upper right corner of the page.
  • If you have received a discount coupon during a Laomaailm campaign, enter the coupon code in the box you see in the shopping cart view (lower left).
  • Once you have selected the products, proceed to the “Proceed to Checkout” option.
  • Choose Delivery option – you can pick up the goods from our warehouse or ask for the delivery to your location
  • Fill in all mandatory fields of the Customer data. Choose a payment method. If you want to pay via the bank link, choose the link of the bank where you want to make the transfer. You can pay for the goods in your online bank or with a credit card.
  • When the data is entered correctly and you are familiar with the Terms of purchase, click on the “Proceed to payment” button.
  • After submitting your order, you will receive an invoice via email for the order.

If you would like to get our help in the process of purchasing in the online store, call +372 6593050 – and we will help you at every stage!