Pallet Shelves: Brännehylte

Discover high-quality Brännehylte pallet racks. Efficiency and Quality in Your Warehouses! If you are looking for a storage solution that exactly meets your needs, Brännehylte pallet racks are just what you need! Our pallet racks are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and quality in your warehouses. Our pallet racks are designed from durable materials and are easy to install and adapt to your warehouse and merchandise needs.

Side frames galvanized and beams painted RAL2002 (possibility to order other colors).

Heights: 1,500 – 13,000mm
Widths: 950, 1200, 1850, 2300, 2750, 3000, 3300, 3600, 4200mm (Beams with different load capacities are available).
Depth: 1100mm

It is also possible to order various accessories such as cross beams, tray drawers, pallet stop lengths, mesh shelves, safety frames, etc.

Check out the selection: https://storitgroup.com/en/warehouse-shelves-intermediate-floors-mezzanine-floor/pallet-shelves/additional-equipment-for-pallet-racks/

Ask for an offer for Drive-In, FIFO, FILO and cornice racking!

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