Plastic boxes, plastic containers

Plastic boxes are versatile and practical tools that can be used for various purposes and in different sectors. Their functions include storage, warehousing, movement on conveyors, and transportation. The strong and durable material provides protection against breakage, moisture, and dirt.

The boxes are lightweight, and their handles are ergonomic, making them easy to handle. Crates are available in different sizes, both smooth-surfaced for easy cleaning and perforated to ensure air circulation – features crucial in industries such as the food sector. A high washing temperature of up to 90°C ensures the crates’ hygiene.

Most crates can be stacked securely due to their robust construction. Some models can be nested inside each other, saving significant space when stored. Plastic boxes are reusable, reducing waste production and offering an eco-friendly choice.

Large containers, holding up to 620 liters, are used in various industries. They are especially secure during transportation, and their design allows easy cleaning. These containers come with or can have added taps, enabling the storage of different liquids. Smooth and perforated wall options are available. To enhance stability or ease of use, bases or wheels can be added. Thanks to their thoughtful design, large containers can be easily moved using different pallet trucks.