Wardrobe Lockers

These wardrobes made of steel are sturdy, thanks to the method of 3-point welding. Wardrobes are suitable for school, office, workshop, and home use.

Perforated doors ensure fresh air circulation inside the wardrobe, and if desired, you can request holes to be made in the body to connect to the building’s ventilation system.

The wardrobes are delivered fully assembled and come with a standard set of features, including a clothes rail, hooks, a hat shelf, a coat hook, a mirror, a nameplate holder, and a cylinder lock with two keys (master key available on request). You can also order wardrobes with padlocks, combination locks, or electronic locks. The doors come in widths of 300 and 400 mm. You can choose between a single long door or S-doors (2 doors per compartment).You can have USB sockets and/or electrical outlets installed in the wardrobes, and a heating element can also be added.

The wardrobes are powder-coated and come in a choice of 16 colors. Additionally, you can have UV printing placed on the wardrobes or replace smooth metal doors with wavy ones. Custom options include wardrobes with plexiglas or MDF doors.

To prevent items from accumulating on top of the wardrobe and to make cleaning easier, you can install a separate sloping roof on them. The wardrobes can be placed directly on the floor or mounted on a low leg frame (h=140mm), a tall leg frame (h=390mm), a standard base, or a pull-out bench frame (h=390mm). The legs of the bench and leg frames have adjustable sliders. For the tall leg frame and bench frames, you can order a shoe shelf or a lockable cabinet to fit between the legs. You can place a plastic shoe tray to simplify cleaning during muddy weather, as the shoe tray is easy to remove from the cabinet and wash.

To prevent key loss and ensure easy access, a convenient solution is a keyring that can be easily worn around the wrist.